About Us

After over a decade of working with incubator suppliers in aiding design and sales we felt that these companies are very receptive to customers ideas when they are small to medium size but after a while what they wanted to build is all that matters and the customer did not really seem such a high priority.

So we decided to use our passion, knowledge, skills and our daily customer experience and use this to build products that the customer really wanted and needed.

Our first product launched was the Titan Egg Candler we soon realised by building a unit that matches most of the customer’s needs  by building a specific tool for the job rather than using bits that fit together has aided sales and customer satisfaction.

Since the egg candler many other projects have come online from brooders to automatic chicken house door openers but this was not the first project we started, it was our incubator but to get something right development takes time and after just over 2 years we are happy to report that our incubator project is ready for mass production.


Based in the UK we have worked passionately with suppliers & designers for many years aiding their product development, but we decided to get the best products for our customers it is best to design and build our own.



Ashton Road
Minety, Wiltshire
SN16 9QP

Email: info@titanincubators.com
Telephone: 0800 009 6270