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Are my chickens moulting?

Are your chickens looking a little bare? Have some of their feathers fallen out? Is their egg supply running low? Try not to be alarmed if your chicken is half-naked in the autumn months, this is quite normal - they are moulting! moulting

Moulting is a natural cycle that chickens go through during their lives, they shed some of their old feathers in place of some new ones. It's a difficult time for birds because it involves all sorts of hormonal changes and it all starts after a long summer when chickens have been laying lots of eggs - which on its own can take it out of a hen especially very young or older birds.

The annual moult usually happens in autumn, around August/September time it can happen quickly or over a longer period of time depending on the birds age and productivity. Moulting can be quite stressful for chickens and their immune system is usually pretty low so It’s really important to ensure that you keep your chickens healthy during this period of time by making sure they receive lots of protein rich food, vitamins and nutrients to assist with producing plenty of lovely new feathers ready for the cold winter months ahead.

Keeping chickens can be very rewarding but also lots of hard work ensuring that they are happy, healthy and lay lots of eggs. Collecting eggs can be really enjoyable when keeping chickens and if you have happy healthy hens they will reward you with delicious eggs!

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Tips on preparing your chickens for winter
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