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Eggs Everywhere...

egg 1385315 1920Eggs Everywhere...

In the last few weeks, our hens seem to have been laying double time, and we have been filling bowls with fresh eggs every day.


Chickens lay eggs all year round however, they tend to lay more when daylight hours are increased. So, it follows that during Spring and Summer your hens will lay more than they do over the Winter months. 

Of course, in the heat we are currently experiencing in the UK it helps to make sure that their water and food are constantly topped up to keep the eggs coming, otherwise they will expend the energy on cooling down instead.

If you, like us here at TItan Incubators, love being able to eat fresh eggs from your own back garden, make sure you keep your chickens fed and watered and your happy hens should thank you with all the eggs you could wish for.

Make sure that you use a Titan Incubators Automatic Chicken House Door Opener which you can purchase here so that both you and your chickens can make the most of the extra daylight hours this Summer.

Team Titan.




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