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Keeping Chickens 'Cool' in Hot Weather...

Keeping Chickens 'Cool' in Hot Weather...

It looks like the hot weather is here to stay with us here in the UK, so here are 5 things you can do to keep your chickens cool...

 1. Shade is a hen's best friend at the minute; if your run lacks natural shade, using a tarpaulin will work too - the lighter in colour the better.

2. Water - this may seem obvious, however ensuring water is kept in the shade and replaced daily will keep it as cool as possible. If you really feel like treating your chickens, a few ice cubes in their water wouldn't go amiss

3. Paddling Pools - as well as drinking water, encouraging your chickens to wade in a shallow pool of water, but make sure it is not so deep that their feathers get soaked through or they will struggle to regulate their body temperature.

4. Dust Baths - chickens will try to keep themselves cool by bathing in a shady spot where they can get below the top layer of the ground as this is significantly cooler. If you don't have a dirt bath spot already in your run, this could be something to consider creating.

5. Sweet Treats - foods with a high water percentage such as cucumber and watermelon are a great treat for a hot day - you won't believe how quickly a few chickens can eat a melon down to the rind, but at least you'll know they've enjoyed it.

We hope you find these ideas helpful. If you have any inventive ways that you keep your chickens content in this weather, please let us know in the comments.

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