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The Elite Light Sensor & Timer Automatic door opener by Titan Incubators is Product of the Month for July

Opening and closing chicken house doors can be impractical during working hours and in unbearable weather. Our chicken house door openers, open and close your chicken house doors automatically meaning no more need to wake up early or stay up late for your birds - a small device with big benefits.

elite ls and timer and box small

The Elite range is our premium range of automatic chicken house door openers, smaller than our standard range of door openers with some upgraded features. The Elite Light Sensor & Timer model allows you the flexibility to choose opening and closing preferences by light sensor or pre-set times - giving you total control and peace of mind. 



  • Advanced build - more robust and compact design
  • 5 program options programmable from the user-friendly function buttons - including the light sensor settings
  • Battery operated - no complicated wiring required
  • Light sensor - capable of detecting light/dark changes within seconds
  • Easy battery change with slide out drawer
  • Low Maintenance
  • Suitable for doors weighing up to 1kg


The Elite Light Sensor & Timer automatic door opener allows the light sensor to be adjusted directly from the user-friendly function buttons and is able to detect light & dark changes within seconds. The timer is easy to programme and settings, opening and closing preferences can be clearly seen on the LCD screen along with the battery life indicator.

Fuss-free installation simply insert the batteries, fix the automatic door opener to the side of your chicken house using the screws provided. Attach to your chicken house door, set the current time, program options and your opening/closing preferences using the functions buttons - the installation process is complete!


And of course, the Elite automatic door openers are compatible with our Elite Metal Chicken House Door as well as our existing range of standard Titan Incubators Metal doors - keeping your chickens safe wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.


 £96.99 BUY NOW

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