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Tips on preparing your chickens for winter

chicken and door openerWe all worry about keeping our chickens warm in winter and there are a few things we can do to help.
Just like humans, chickens need three things to survive, food, water and shelter - they are however quite hardy birds and don’t require too much interference so relax – try not to worry too much.

Increasing the bedding in your chicken coop will offer extra warmth, ideally, use shavings and clean out on a regular basis or you could use the deep litter method whereby you are creating a compost layer in the floor of your coop - this will generate some extra heat. The deep litter method is where the chickens deposit droppings on the floor of the coop and you simply cover up with a layer of shavings and this continues, building a composting floor. The chickens will scratch around naturally aerating inside the coop and remember the birds will create some heat too so allow enough ventilation to avoid any respiratory problems.
To reduce the amount of wet and mud entering the chicken house try using an old pallet or similar at the entrance or put down some hay or straw which can be disposed of easily once soiled.

The chickens feeding requirements will also change during the winter, they will need more carbohydrates and less protein. As well as their usual food and feeding routine try feeding corn an hour before they go to bed, the carbohydrates will give the chickens more energy to use to keep them warm during the night. As the ground begins to freeze you may also want to offer some grit to the chickens as they will be finding it difficult to scratch around and break through the frozen ground.

Chickens need plenty of fresh water available all year round and wintertime makes it quite difficult once the temperatures drop and the water freezes. Chickens will not use their beaks to break the ice, so you'll need to do this for them and depending on the temperature regular checks throughout the day will be required. You can replace their water each time it freezes, which is easier said than done and not always convenient, or you could look at possibly using a water heater, with various models available on the market we would recommend it is fitted by a qualified person and checked on a regular basis.

Carrying out all general maintenance in the chicken coop and run during autumn will make certain you and your chickens are ready for the winter months ahead. Thoroughly check fences and repair to keep your chickens in and those predators out. Prepare and carry out a deep clean of your chicken coop, checking for any signs of damp. Lastly check that your coop door can move freely and easily, check the rails/runners for debris which can cause issues and prevent the door from opening and closing properly – we recommend checking your door on a regular basis especially during the winter months.

We hope you found this interesting and we welcome any comments you may have.

Kind regards,
Team Titan

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elite door 2







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