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Why leaving a review or offering feedback is so important

As a conscientious business, your review goes a long way in helping others determine if they want to make a purchase. How many of us base our final decision on these reviews? I know I do. 

When you receive an email into your inbox requesting you to review a newly purchased product it’s all too easy to click delete and send it to the trash, we all do it from time to time. Here at Titan Incubators, we understand that time can be precious and would kindly ask if you would be able to spare us a few minutes to let others know of your experience and thoughts. Leaving a review or providing feedback is quick and easy and will most certainly have an impact on the next person thinking of buying from us. 

Why not offer a little help to others and ourselves when reviewing, go into a bit of detail, why you like/dislike the product, what’s useful/not useful, be constructive and honest – we strongly value your feedback and along with our designs, this is what contributes to producing our future products.image.png

If you have received your product and have an issue, please don’t leave a negative review straight away without first contacting us. Give us a chance to resolve any issues, most problems are pretty simple and can be resolved very easily. We would prefer to personally hear about your issues and be able to resolve them for you as quickly as possible through our friendly customer service team.

Do you have a suggestion where we could improve? we want to hear about it. After all, it’s our daily customer experience, our knowledge, skills and passion which assists us in building products specific to the job that matches our customer needs and wants rather than just using bits that fit together - we want to make products that work for you.

As a thank you for taking the time to leave us a review we would like to offer one reviewer a Titan Elite Light Sensor & Timer Automatic Chicken House Door Opener. So, whether your review is positive, neutral or negative – although we hope it’s positive! We will choose one review that has been placed either on our website or our Facebook page between 30th July 2018 and 3rd January 2019 and arrange for a Titan Elite Light Sensor & Timer Automatic Chicken House Door Opener to be sent to the reviewer, please ensure your full name is left when leaving your review.

Why not make a difference and leave a valuable review or give us some feedback - the next person would really appreciate it, and we would too! 

Many thanks, Team Titan

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