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This a superior quality nebulizer for the price. Smooth running and quiet. Nicely finished an easy to connect up.100% ++++++ great
I am very satisfied with the product. excellent construction, simple to use, I recommend not only chickens ... can also be used to close or open doors for passage of any animal
Easy to fit, easy to set up, and works perfectly without fail, no need to go out side when its raining or cold or at 6am to let them out! Instead weekends are full of sleep :). Would deffinatley reccomend, for any one with a coop that door opens up and down. Doesn't open side sliding doors! Over all: worth the cash in exchange for a lazy sunday

We bought this so we could have a few days away - we couldn't get Chicken 'sitters' so the chooks had a 'self-catering' week-end. NO problems and we can relax, safe in the knowledge that the girls are independent and safe!

It's awesome, easy to set up, and works great. Made some brackets for the door I made out of a cutting board and hooked it all up. Took maybe an hour for everything, including making my own brackets and door. Very simple and works great! I have had it 2 months now, give or take, and the battery indicator still says it has full batteries. I will be buying another when and if this one goes out. Well worth the money.

AWESOME PRODUCT!!! This opener is very easy to install and program. It operates exactly as advertised and does it exceedingly well! My chickens learned that they needed to be inside the coop before the door closed within 3 days. I am very pleased and would highly recommend!

Freed up the chickens and myself and works an absolute treat and so easy to set up.

A must for any free range chicken owners.

First time 10 years hatching that I used an electric hen instead of a ceramic bulb. I won't go back. Calmer chicks. Healthy chicks. We have 37 pekin ducks under our brooder hen right now.

I can't speak from a personal perspective as I have never slept beneath the lamp myself but my bloodhound and her puppies are delighted with the product!

This is a great addition to our chicken coop. We looked at many automatic door openers. This one appeared to be the best value. The opener was easy to install and it works perfectly. No more worrying about getting home in time to tuck the chicks into the coop.

A excellent heat lamp the high-lo switch was very useful for my GSD bitch whilst she had pups. Unfortunately I lent this unit to a friend and i haven't seen it since and I don't think I'll see it again, so I suppose he would rate it 5 stars as well.

I purchased this in April 2016. I absolutely love it! I'm amazed at how well it works and has a long battery life. I could not be a city chicken farmer without it!

It solved all of our exhaustive attempts to find a solution to early mornings and late nights.

This product is the answer and look no further. We waited to see how it would perform and not one flaw.

Thanks for my sleep.

A time saver!! This is a must for any chicken owner.

I bought this for our school chickens and it works a perfectly. It took me about 20 minutes to install and set up which was surprisingly easy!
You can select exact times for the door to open/close, choose if it is at first light/dusk or a combination of both. For example mine closes at 10pm and opens on first light.

This has survived some extreme rain showers and still works.

So pleased with this product. Not having to get up and let chickens out is a real bonus. Also going on holiday is made easier. I have happy hens as they always come out at the right time and can go to bed when they want to.

Love it! It works really well and we have been using it and "watching" it for about 2 weeks now. A great way to have peace of mind, as we have quite the array of raccoons, skunks, possums...around here. My chickens are safe, even when we are not around!

Made my chicken keeping a whole lot simpler

Those of us used to brooding chicks with the red fast food heat lamp will undoubtedly raise an eyebrow when we feel the radiant warmth coming from this brooder, as opposed to the face melting sear coming from a 1,000,000 watt heat lamp. However, any doubts I had were immediately assuaged when I put my just hatched, tiny bantam babies next to this brooder. (Let it warm up for a good hour before using.) They immediately gravitated to it, and in no time were happily trilling and randomly nodding off, as new babies do. The customer service is unbeatable, the value is unsurpassable, and the peace of mind is invaluable. Buy this product and quit treating your new babies like chicken nuggets at a buffet.


Based in the UK we have worked passionately with suppliers & designers for many years aiding their product development, but we decided to get the best products for our customers it is best to design and build our own.



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