Brooder Hen or Heat Lamp?

Good question.

  1. Are you doing small numbers or large numbers of chicks?
  2. Is electricity cost an issue?

1. If you are brooding 50+ chicks at any one time, we recommend using a Heat Lamp. However, for any smaller numbers of chicks we recommend using a Brooder Hen - our 40x50cm Brooder Hen is ideal for use for up to roughly 40 chicks, and the 30x30cm Brooder Hen is great for brooding smaller numbers of chicks - up to around 20.

2. If electricity cost is a worry then there is really only one choice; a Brooder Hen will use 6-10 times less electricity than your average Heat Lamp, which will lead to huge savings especially if you plan to rear many batches of chicks.

Something else to consider is that by using a Brooder Hen and rearing chicks in natural day and night, we personally always find we get better quality chicks with much better inital feathering and growth rates -- this is not a proven fact just an observation over the years.

We personally always choose a brooder hen for power saving and quality of chick growth aswell as the extra benefits of natural day and night, whereas the heat lamp will only give out constant light. 


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