Thank you all for your emails and as this is a common question i get then I can answer on here, the simple answer is Yes

We do produce incubators, unfortunatley for public sales we do not sell to public as we are tied into exclusive contracts, however we are developing different models for public sale in 2015 and 2016.

In developing our incubator range and for our clients we have been very lucky and not had to develop basic models and only pre-written program units for our clients so we have managed to develop higer range units, if comparing with other units on sale currently they would compare to the RCOM Pro models and the Brinsea EX Advance models. 

When we launch to public sale in 2015 we will maintian that philosophy yet altering the design structure somewhat to be very attactive to the wallets of our customers.

IMG 0027

Bringing back memories from many years ago was our first handmade incubator but after many years of development came many other models, i am afriad i can not show them all but below is another working Titan Incubator will full enviromental control with simple pre-set programs for our customer needs and of course the ability to set their own if they wish.

IMG 0030

Our retail units will be different to the above in design to aid a better retial price but we will provide all the same features and maybe more.

Below is a top secret version of our retail Kronos Titan Incubator, suitable for 24 Hen eggs, again this is a handmade model we are finalising now but using all our previous technology we are excited about its launch in 2015.

IMG 0035


Based in the UK we have worked passionately with suppliers & designers for many years aiding their product development, but we decided to get the best products for our customers it is best to design and build our own.



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