Why do the chicken door opener strings have to have the red knot?

In our instructions we clearly state that the red knot above the loop on the string must be able to freely move into the door opener when lifting the door. This is very important as this knot when lifting the door will go into the base of the door opener, catch the bead and then this would tell the unit that the door is open and close off the motor and hold the door open. If the red knot does not have free movement back into the chicken house door opener then the unit will not be able to send a message to the motor to let it know the door is open, this means the motor will keep pulling and if the door is open the motor will either snap the string, or just burn out your batteries or worse case over load the unit. So again for a perfect working unit ensure the red knot can freely enter the chicken house door opener when opening the door and it will do as you need. You can watch a video explaining the red knot by clicking the image below.


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