About Us


After over a decade of working with incubator suppliers in design and sales, we decided it was time to go our own way and use our passion, knowledge, skills and experience to build products that our customers really want and need. 

The first product we launched was the Titan Egg Candler, with the aim of meeting all of our customers' needs, not just a few. The reception to our first product was outstanding and encouraged us to aim even higher. 

Since the Egg Candler, we have developed Brooder Hens and automatic Chicken House Door Openers, keeping in mind the aim of catering for all stages of your bird-keeping experience. 

We are continuing to improve all of our products with the help of customer feedback, and are still in the process of developing our own Incubator.

We thank every one of our customers for their support, and hope all of your chickens are happy.