1 Month Countdown to GMT & New Chicks🐥

1 Month Countdown to GMT & New Chicks🐥

Just a few days until we start our countdown to the end of British Summer Time here at Titan - so here's a reminder from us to you to remember to update the settings on your Titan door opener on the 25th of October in 33 days time. 

Poco Update

Since our last blog, Poco has gained some new friends and they have been moved outside to start getting used to using our chicken coop door openers. They are slowly learning to make sure they are tucked away before it gets dark, however not without some good old fashioned double-checking from the Titan Team to make sure they are all safe. 

Brooder Hens

Our new chicks are also being treated to use of one of our 'Brooder Hens' to keep them toasty and warm as the nights get colder. We always use one of our 30 x 30 cm Brooder Hens (Buy Online: £37.99) when we have new chicks, and if they could talk we're sure they'd tell us that they love it.

The square heating plate is warmest in the middle and gets slightly cooler to the outside edges. This allows the chicks to position themselves where they are most comfortable, so they should never be too hot or too cold.  

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Today's fun fact: The Guinness World Record for the most yolks in a single egg is nine (9).

Date: 22.09.20 - Autumn Equinox

Stay safe & happy clucking.

Team Titan🐓