Coming out of Lockdown - NEW Cube Door Openers

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Coming out of Lockdown - NEW Cube Door Openers

This year has been a little bit weird so far, to say the least. Despite the ups and downs of the last few months, we are now coming out of the other side - into the ominously named 'New Normal'. 

We at Titan, like many others, have picked up our fair share of hobbies over the last couple of months. From muddy mountain biking, to beekeeping, to attempting our own '60 Minute Makeover', we've tried it all. 

To that end, we know that a lot of people like us have invested their time into being outdoors, and many started keeping chickens themselves, or extended their pre-existing hen family. Amazingly, so many people wanted chickens in May that there were waiting lists.  

New Cube Door Openers

So, for chicken keepers new and old, we wanted to introduce our brand new chicken coop door opener - the CUBE. 


Our new Cube unit comes with the same lifting power as the Elite units in a new,  more compact shape - perfect for streamlining, or fitting onto awkwardly shaped chicken coops.

The Titan Cube Chicken Coop Door Opener is available in two variations; with Light Sensor and Timer (Buy online: £89.99), or simply with Timer (Buy online: £79.99).

Our New Fluffy Friends

One of our lockdown projects was to expand our own flock. So, since we weren't able to source hatching eggs locally for incubation as we usually would, we had to get creative and turned to receiving them in the post.

With a big new clutch of chicks settling in, one of our incubations was less successful, producing only one chick, our newest Team Titan member; Poco (pictured below). Poco was given lots of attention and cuddles and his own furry friend to keep him happy and warm.


We hope you're all still staying safe, and wish anyone who has returned to school this week, teachers and students, good health. 

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Today's fun fact: There are roughly 24 billion chickens in the world, meaning there are about 3 chickens for every 1 person.

Date:  08.09.20 - International Literacy Day

Stay safe & happy clucking.

Team Titan 🐓