Three World Kindness Day Ideas for your Chickens!

Three World Kindness Day Ideas for your Chickens!

Three World Kindness Day Ideas for your Chickens!

With World Kindness Day on this Saturday 13th November 2021, here at Team Titan we have come up with a few ideas that you could do to be kind to your chickens! 

Here are our top 3 ideas:

1.Chicken Enrichment:

Enrichment is very important to chickens lives as it is the opportunity for them to be more like chickens! Even though chickens have been domesticated for many years, they still have great skills for foraging, dust bathing and roosting which can be used during enrichment activities. Enrichment is vital for combatting boredom, so we've come up with a few ideas that might be fun for both you and your chickens: 

  • Use child-friendly mirrors: Hanging up mirrors around their grounds allows them to explore theirs and others reflections. 
  • Hide their food: Hiding their food allows your chickens to forage like their ancestors would have! Chickens love to search for their foods like wild birds do. Changing the food that you hide can also "spice" up your chickens foraging activity.
  • Hang up Xylophones! Let your chickens create music by attaching a child's xylophone to a wall or floor for them to peck at. As most chicken owners know, chickens are curious animals and love to explore - you might discover that you have a Beethoven amongst your flock!

2. Treats!!

Chickens, like us humans, like to switch up their foods. One way of doing this is providing some treats! Bear in mind you don't want to overfeed your chickens treats so a good rule of thumb is 90% normal foods, 10% treats. Here are some suggested treats:

  • Vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, beetroot, swiss or cucumber
  • Herbs such as lavender, mint, basil or thyme
  • Flowers such as daisies, roses, marigold, pansies or sweet peas

3. Toys!!

Like humans, chickens like to play with toys! This can help fend off your flock from getting bored. Some of these suggestions can be made from scratch if you're looking for a DIY project!

  • Swings: yes, chickens like to swing! 
  • Jungle Gym: This gives your chickens lots of different things to do (go up and down ramps, ledges to perch on, swings, etc!)
  • Fun Feeders: Buying special types of feeders can make your chickens work for their food! Your chickens will have to peck through little holes to reach their food. 

We hope you use our suggestions on Saturday as an act of kindness! 

Today's fun fact: Chickens love to run, play and will even sunbathe when they can get the chance!

Date: 12.11.21

Stay safe & happy clucking.

Team Titan🐓