How much do you think you know about the life cycle of a chicken?!

Try out our quiz and see how much you know!


1. On average how often will a hen lay an egg?

A. 30-32 hours

B. 25-27 hours

C. 20-22 hours

ANSWER: A hen will lay an egg every 25-27 hours! Once an egg has been laid - within 30 minutes or so the hen will begin the process of producing another egg!


2. How long will a broody hen sit on fertilised egg for?

A. 72 hours

B. 21 days

C. 1 month


ANSWER: A broody hen will sit on a fertilised egg for 21 days


3. How many weeks, on average, will it take for chicks to be full grown?

A. 52 weeks

B. 34 weeks

C. 20 weeks


ANSWER: Roughly at around 20 weeks the chicks will be full grown into roosters or hens.


4. What is the name of an adolescent hen?

A. Teenager

B. Chook

C. Pullet


ANSWER: An adolescent hen is called a pullet! A ‘pullet’ is a young hen that is under 1 years of age, and has not started laying eggs yet


5. What is the name of hierarchy within chicken flocks?

A. Clucking Order

B. Pecking Order

C. Chicken Order


ANSWER: Pecking order is the name given to the hierarchy established within chicken flocks. This helps decide which chickens have access to food and water first. Once the hierarchy is established, the flock tends to live in harmony with one another. 


6. What is the average life span of hens?

A. 1-2 years

B. 5-8 years

C. 17-20 years


ANSWER: 5- 8 years is the average life span of a hen. They are known to live up 20 years but this is not very often!


How did you do? 


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