Can you believe it's that time of year again? Clocks will be going forward an hour this Sunday - so don't forget to change your automatic door openers time so that they can still function as desired! 

Not only are the clocks changing this Sunday but it is Mother's Day! We can take this day to appreciate all the great mums (human and hens, biological and not biological!) we have in our lives. Here at Team Titan, we have thought of a few ways that you can show the mum's in your life your appreciation!

1. Plants!

Both humans and hens love plants! There is such a diverse range of plants that are chicken friendly such as lavender, thyme, raspberry bushes and dandelions but given that its going to be British Summer Time, why not treat both humans and hens to a bunch of Sunflowers! 

2. Good Food (who doesn't love treats!)

Here at Team Titan, we believe good food is good for the soul. So why don't you (mindfully and in moderation!) spoil your humans and hens to some delicious treats. Treats that are yummy for both are things like Strawberries and blueberries (but maybe the humans could be dipped in chocolate for an extra sweetness!)

3. Affection!

Saving the best until last - affection! Why not show your appreciation through affection by giving them a hug (if the hens will allow it!) and spending some quality time together.