Our Pecking Order... What are our favourite breeds? 🐓🔢

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Our Pecking Order... What are our favourite breeds? 🐓🔢

This week we thought we would let you all know what the team at Titan's favourite chicken breeds are and why we love them. With over 100 poultry breeds in the UK alone, there is more than a few for us to choose from - so let's get started. 


Most of the chickens we have here at Titan are Orpingtons. They come in tons of different colours, making it all the more hard to choose between them.Having originated from a town named Orpington in the 19th century, they are large, fluffy and friendly. What more could you want?

Being so docile, they are appropriate for those just starting out their own flock and are incredibly child-friendly. 

On average, they lay between 150-180 eggs each year - having a few of these would be a great way to supply your egg breakfasts. 

Silver and Gold Laced Orpingtons

 LACED ORPINGTON BANTAM imported how beautifully feathered! | Beautiful  chickens, Chickens backyard, Fancy chickens

These incredibly striking birds carry much more than memorable markings, and really stand out from the crowd. 


 Lavender Orpington

Lavender Orpington, gorgeous! : mnchickens 

These hens fall on the complete opposite end of the 'striking-ness scale', but that isn't to say they aren't beautiful in their own way. 


Buff Orpington

English Buff Orpington Hatching Eggs Large Fowl on Engormix. (Ref 35901)

The Buff is the most common Orpington variety - being big and full of soft amber plumage makes this easy to explain. 



While these aren't quite as exciting to look at as the Orpingtons above, we can't say we aren't a fan. They originated from Cambridge (UK) in the early 1930s and are well-known for their light-blue eggs, which they lay around 200 of per year. 


Cream Legbar

Get to Know the Cream Legbar: A Beautiful Blue Egg Layer - Backyard Poultry

We love picking out the blue eggs from the rest when we collect them from our nest boxes. 


Ayam Cemani

While we don't have any of these in our flock, we couldn't create a list of our favourite chicken breeds without them. They are unbelievable rare and unique - their feathers are all black, as is their skin, wattles, eyes, comb, feet, bones, and blood. How cool is that? 

They are believed to have originated from Sumatra (Indonesia) and lay much fewer eggs than the more standard breeds we have mentioned above - just around 80 per year. 

Ayam Cemani: A Rare Chicken Breed That is Black Inside Out | Amusing Planet


We would love to hear what your favourite breeds are - do you agree with our pecking order? Drop a comment below and let us know. 


Date: 29.03.21 

Stay safe & happy clucking.

Team Titan


In the UK, the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone housing measures are still in place indefinitely - follow this link for updates: UK Gov AIPZ