Say hello to our new HEN BROODER design!

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Say hello to our new HEN BROODER design!

🐓 Say hello to our NEW MOTHER HEN BROODER!! 🐓

We are incredibly excited to welcome our largest hen brooder to our collection: the MOTHER HEN BROODER  - A funky, fun and fresh new design of our chick warming plate (Available to buy online at £34.99).

  • LARGE chicken shape; which allows for lots of chicks to snuggle under! 🤯

  • SUPER EASY and quick to assemble! 

  • NEW FUN DESIGN - perfect for chicken enthusiasts! 🐥

  • EASILY adjustable legs so that the brooder hen can grow with your chicks! 👍

  • HUGE SAVINGS with our low wattage bulbs! 

This funky brooder hen would make the perfect gift for anyone who currently owns chicks, or is planning to start a new adventure looking after chicks! Great time to buy in preparation for the coming chick season!

Today's fun fact: Chickens have great memories and can recognise up to 100 faces (even other pets!)

Stay safe & happy clucking.

Team Titan🐓