Team Titan's Top Ten Chicken Names!

Team Titan's Top Ten Chicken Names!

Here at Team Titan we've come together to decide what we think are the top ten chicken names! Feel free to share this with those who are planning on buying chickens, raising chicks or just love the names!

Starting at number 10 ending at number 1 here are our ranked names:

10. Henrietta - a classic pun

9. Princess Lay-la - A nice Star Wars reference

8. Rex - an acknowledgment to their ancestors

7. Dr. Pecker - a fizzy drink favourite 

6. Cheese-puff - for those Buff coloured chickens!

5. Brewster the Rooster - for your charming 

4. Ginger - for those Chicken Run lovers!

3. Eggspresso - if you love coffee as much as you love your chicks!

2. Eggatha Christie - for the Miss Marple fans

1. Chick-Astley - no explanation needed!