Here are a few suggestions to try troubleshooting your automatic door opener:

1. Returning the unit back to factory settings:

As a rule of thumb, we suggest to our customers to return the unit back to factory settings by removing the batteries from the unit for 72 hours. Much older units (3 years or older) can be reset in a shorter period of time approx. 70 minutes.

2. Restringing the unit:

For our units to work at their best the string inside of the door opener needs to be in a specific manner. One of the common mistakes when restringing out units is not having the string coming through underneath the motor spool (the arm where the string should be attached to). 

Restringing ELITE door openers (shaped like a house if you aren't certain which one you have!)

1. Remove the door opener from the coop by unscrewing the four screws

2. Remove the 5 screws from the back of the unit

3. Remove the battery wire from the circuit board (black and red wire that go into a white plug - 'BAT' is written next to it)

4. Remove the broken string

5. Insert the new string through the white rectangle bar at the bottom of the circuit board

6. Follow the white line on the circuit board and thread through the eyelet on the right

7. Ensure the string is passed to the left of the white cylinder.

8. Pass the string underneath/behind the motor spool and over the top and then tie string around the spindle screw

9. Reconnect the battery wire to the circuit board in the door opener

10. Ensure the string is inserted through the hole at the bottom of the unit 

11. Replace the back of the unit using the screws from earlier

12. Attach a weight of 300g-1kg to the string

13. Wind string on to motor spool by pressing the + button only 

14. Once the string has been wound up, you will need to reset the unit to the times and program you desire

15. Done!

Restringing a CUBE model (shaped like a cube)

1. Remove the door opener from the coop

2. Remove the 4 screws from the front of the door opener unit 

3. Remove a battery in order to stop the motor

4. Swing the front panel down to the right to allow access to the string

5. Remove the broken string

6. Thread the replacement string through the bottom hole of the unit

7. Insert the string through the yellow rectangle bar at the bottom of the circuit board

8. Thread the string over the metal bar

9. Remove the screws from the small yellow bar and thread the string through the two cyclinders

10. Pass the string underneath the motor spool and back over the top, tying it around the spindle screw

11. Replace the yellow bar with the screws - making sure the string is underneath it

12. Replace the battery and front panel of the unit 

13. Attach a weight of 300g-1KG to the end of the string

14. Press the + button to wind the string onto the spool

15. You will now need to reset your door opener to the program and times you desire

16. Done!


3. To test/force the door open or close at anytime:

If you want to test or force the door open at anytime you can use the + button, likewise, to test or force the door close at anytime you can press the - button. Please note this is not a complete override of the settings, and the door will turn to its previous start after a short period of time (approx. 5 seconds). The use of these buttons has the primary use of testing the door and aiding with restringing.  

4. Testing the unit without a door attached: 

If testing a unit without a door attached, you will need to attach something to the end of the string of similar weights (a minimum of 300g and a maximum of 1KG). This should not exceed the 1KG limit as this can cause damage to the motor and/or snap the string. 

Important notes:

- Please pay important attention to which way the batteries have been inserted, making sure that they match the appropriate and respect + - signs. 

- The door fitted to the automatic door opener should not exceed 1kg and have a minimum weight of 300g.

- Do not remove the top knot in the string (above the black bead) from the string as this will fail to hit the lowest limit switch inside of the unit (this is responsible for letting the unit know when to stop and start the motor to move the door) and cause damage to the motor.

- The door must be able to move freely and smoothly

Alternatively, you can reach us at for help with your unit and any other queries!