What can I feed my chickens in winter?

What can I feed my chickens in winter?

With the cold weather coming in fast this winter you might be wondering what you can feed your chickens to keep them that little bit warmer! Here at Team Titan we want to what's best by our chickens so we came up with a little suggestion of what you can feed your chickens in winter. 

Chickens, like humans, all appreciate a bit of comfort food! You can give them a yummy warm meal by mixing your crumble (crushed pellets which are easier to digest) or pellets with some hot/warm water - not boiling! Another tip is to give your chickens some extra corn or food in the evenings as they digest their foods  overnight they will be heating their bodies from the insides. 

Also, be mindful of your chickens water in the cold weather - they need regular access to their drink and may struggle if it has frozen over! One suggestion would be to bring in their water over night, refill it with some fresh warm water in the morning (and topping it up throughout the day). Your chickens will thank you!

Our final tip: with foods being scarcer in the colder weathers, other animals such as foxes, mice and rats may be on the look out for sources of food! Make sure your chickens are well protected from having their food eaten and being attacked themselves! 

Hopefully these suggestions help!

Today's fun fact: Chickens are able to distinguish colours.

Date: 03.12.21

P.S Please familiarise yourself with the new Bird Flu cases and the steps you need to take to prevent your flock from getting or spreading the virus

Here are some important websites to look at: 



Stay safe & happy clucking.

Team Titan🐓